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Roanoke, Texas

Located off of Main Street in Downtown Roanoke, Elborai Group has secured 2 contiguous properties to construct a limited quantity of luxury townhomes, diversifying the area. 


Less than 100 yards away from the Downtown lifestyle, this property is highly anticipated to yield a beautiful and highly desirable living space, catering to varying demographics of property owners. 

Oak view ct

Oak Point, Texas

This home is a custom build. Approximately 5,000 square feet of open air living space, with a view of the lake, this home is in the permitting process and is closing upon the ground break.

Inspired by Vastu concepts, the orientation of the living spaces allow for pure energy flow from one room to the next.

s. Kimball Ave

Southlake, Texas

Our office space sits within a 55,000 square foot industrial park developed by Elborai Group. The expansive warehouse allows for trade work, while connectivity between office spaces encourages natural energy flow within the interior design. Minimalism and neutral color palates bring about focus and serenity within a place that can bring disorder to the mind. Our office is a place to tinker with new ideas and create relationships, it serves us well.

pecan street

Roanoke, Texas

Located in the heart of Historic Downtown Roanoke, these 3.5, contiguous acres are anticipated to yield around 8 to 10 homes.


Found within walking distance to many restaurants and venues, this unique town has much to offer that is not available in most North Texas communities. Elborai Group's vision is to bring a personalized  spin to this area..

Boulder dr

Parker, Texas

Just under 5,000 square feet, this custom build sits on the edge of a pond with vast expanses of windows to take in the natural beauty.

Located in an established neighborhood, this home will breath a contemporary life into the community while lending its exterior to HOA requirements, yielding an unexpected interior finish.

Shady Oaks dr

Southlake, Texas

This custom build sits on a lot with very conforming setbacks and regulations. The house had to be designed within a 40 foot depth and align with Vastu principals. The open spaces and lack of walls allow for breathing room in a place that may otherwise feel constrictive. This home is nearing the end of the design phase and will commence permitting soon.

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