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Elborai Group accepts investment at the project level, hence investors are provided a clear vision and project plan.  We believe that seeing the vision through brings returns beyond ROE.

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After careful market analysis and consideration, Elborai Group commits to acquiring real estate in both growing and established communities.

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Whether platting and parceling lots for sale, constructing a freestanding structure, or a complete subdivision design, the production phase brings possibilities to life.

From small scale to large, Elborai Group is dedicated to taking on only projects we believe in and are capable of completing to the fullest of our abilities. 

"... I went to the developer's presentation last night. I was pleasantly surprised by how concerned and compassionate Amr was. He was very attentive and interested in hearing everyone's concerns..."

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We work hard to create a harmonious blend between existing structures and apply the same level of care to our development footprint as we do to our design. 

Careful selection and attention to detail are aspects we pride ourselves in. This is found evident through our financial models and investment strategies. Functional use of our founder's hedge fund management experience provides a keen sense of opportunity and approach that yields great benefits to our investors, our clients, and our neighbors.

Urban Planning
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