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Geometric Shape
Sculptures in Rows

The Golden Ratio has been used across time and space to create balance. Found in the architecture of the Great Pyramids and present in the fundamental design of nature. Plato thought the Golden Ratio to be the most binding of all mathematical relationships and the key to the physics of the cosmos. 1.618 gives harmony and balance to the world around us.


Nature calls upon The Rule of Three and The Rule of Five to dictate the structure of flower petals for optimum petal placement and growth. This allows plants to grow in an offset spiral and never overlap. Leonardo Da Vinci termed the golden segment as, "The Divine Proportion" and utilized the ratio in works such as The Vitruvian Man and The Last Supper. Johannes Kepler, discoverer of the elliptical orbits of the planets, called the Golden Ratio "one of geometry's great treasures". In the early 1900's, American Mathematician Mark Barr used the Greek letter Phi to represent 1.618 in mathematical phrases. The golden ratio is still dictating and shaping our view of the world. In the 1970's, it was the secret to unlocking Penrose Tiles- the art of 5 fold symmetry. In the 1980's, it was again found present in quasi-crystals. 


1.618 is the foundation of balance. A  fundamental principal of the largest manmade structures on Earth and found in the smallest, naturally occurring, organic formations. It dictates the biological growth around us and is present in the art humans create. 

What secrets can 1.618 unlock?

Elborai Group draws upon mathematical concepts to encourage equilibrium.  We utilize the works of Fibonacci and Euclid to find harmony in each composition we create. Our products appeal to the eye and the mind, providing an internal sense of composure. We focus not only on aspects and ratios to provide symmetry and balance, we consider use and livability. Our designs revolve around form and function, no matter the space. 

Starting with furniture and lighting layout, we craft our projects around intention. Each thought is provoking, each texture is tactile, and each space is unique. Architectural theory from across the world inspires us to create designs that are contemporary yet timeless. Bringing nature into our creations and taking livability outside, Elborai Group reinvents traditional form. 


Taking on all aspects of design, Elborai Group brings a unique approach to home building.

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