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Our vision

Elborai Group is a design and build firm dedicated to creating contemporary spaces tailored to compliment the lifestyle of each of our clients.  Our approach is to create not only an architectural masterpiece, but a complete environment that is comfortable yet sophisticated.  Our process begins with lifestyle and we build upon the principles of unifying form, function and technology to create an intelligent structure that encompasses not only the wants and needs of our clients, but also portrays their taste and values.   Our design process incorporates all aspects of the living environment from the art and furniture to the landscaping and exterior space.  We believe that everything matters so we design and build to create a complete experience rather than just a building.


We are not a mass home builder.  We are a boutique firm that caters to those seeking a personalized experience. From material selection to labor rates, we obtain multiple bids from subcontractors and vendors to achieve economic value without sacrificing a single ounce of quality.


Our mission is to provide our client with a space that is a sanctuary of beauty, function, and comfort while remaining a sound economic investment that brings peace of mind. 

our team



Mr. Elborai founded Elborai Group after 20 years in capital markets. He used his experience as real estate development fund manager to reinvent the traditional structure of the homebuilding process. Not only does he bring a unique approach to investment structures, but his keen eye for balance and aesthetic brings new life to even the most contemporary design. Mr. Elborai holds an MBA in Corporate Finance from the University of Dallas and a double Bachelors in Finance and Economics from Southern Methodist University.


Sara williams, associate


Sara williams, associate


Sara is an Associate at Elborai Group. She is a project manager for custom build projects and oversees marketing strategies. Her studies at the University of North Texas included 3D Modeling, Marketing, and Real Estate. 

adrian carballoassociate


Adrian is an Associate at Elborai Group. He is a project manager for custom build projects, focusing on all elements of construction and design. Adrian earned a Bachelors in Architecture and Sustainable Development from the University of Colorado. 


adrian carballo, associate

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